DhohOo partners with Naruto for unique freeze-dried treats in Asia

Freeze-dried treats in Japan and China

The French pet care brand DhohOo has announced its partnership with the famous Japanese animation studio Pierrot. The studio is well-known for its anime series Naruto, which enjoys a fan-base of millions in China, Japan, and the world over.

With this partnership, DhohOo is launching unique freeze-dried pet treats in Asia for the first time. The limited-edition Naruto-themed freeze-dried treats are all set to be launched exclusively in the markets of Japan and China.

DhohOo offers high-quality and nutrient-rich pet treats. The freeze-dried treats planned for launch in the Chinese and Japanese markets are unique, rich in protein, and come in three main flavours, including Chicken, Tuna, and Fish. Price average for each of these favours is $9.90.

Using the famous anime show to introduce unique freeze-dried pet treats is an excellent way to create a cultural bridge between the French company and its Chinese and Japanese audience. The opportunity to provide high-quality food to their pets while celebrating a much-loved anime will especially attract young pet parents.

DhohOo pioneers the pet food and care industry. The French-based brand has the reputation of delivering top of the line pet food and supplements. It champions and advocates for well-being and healthy lifestyle of pets by offering nutrient-rich products. Moreover, the brand displays a commitment to social responsibility by donating to animal rescue centres regularly.

The collaboration between DhohOo and Pierrot is a first of its kind for the French brand. It’s an excellent opportunity for both companies to establish the foundation of cultural collaboration. The partnership opens new channels between the European and Asian markets.

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