Help! My Cat Keeps Ruining My Furniture

cat lying on scratched sofa

Is your cat destroying your furniture? Many pet parents complain that their furry friends ruin their precious furniture. But if you see the problem from your cat’s perspective, you can understand why it is acting this way and what you can do to stop it.

Cats like climbing. They love getting up to a good vantage point to get a better view of their world. This is part of their instinct. Sharp claws are necessary for this.

Besides, the very act of sharpening claws being therapeutic for your feline friend, it is a kind of exercise and can thus feel very good for your kitties. Hence, they may turn your valuable furniture into an implement for sharpening their claws. Of course, the poor cat is oblivious of the devastating consequences of its actions.

So if you want to keep your cat from ruining the furniture, you will have to give it better alternatives. There is often no need to declaw your cat.

Cat Tree

As explained, one important reason why cats ruin furniture is that they love climbing. But climbing on curtains and sofas can ruin the delicate fabric. To deal with this issue, you can try placing a cat tree by a window.

Your cat will gladly climb its cat tree to get a glimpse of the outside world from the elevation that it desires. Your cat will thus use the cat tree in lieu of your precious curtains and furniture for its indoor climbing practice.

You can install a multi-level cat tree by the window that can go up to 8 feet. Your cat will likely be pleased with this height. Or you can try to use DhohOo SUPPLEMENTS SOOTHE & CALM SUPPORT FOR CAT to made you cat calm.

Wall Shelves

Wall shelves installed on the wall next to a window are another great choice. The advantage of a wall shelf is that it can serve its purpose without taking up too much precious space. These shelves need to be just 6 inches wide at most. You can install multiple climbing shelves on the wall by a window so that your cats can happily climb them up and down.

Just make sure that wall shelves made of wood have a good surface finish for traction. They should not be slippery. This will minimize the risk of slipping and falling for your felines. A good surface finish will also protect your cats from getting hurt by small wooden splinters that are found on wood surfaces.

Although you can buy shelves online, you can cut down on costs with a DIY shelf installation. Just make sure that the shelves are wide enough for your cats and strong enough to hold their weight.

Scratching Post

Installing a scratching post is one of the best things you can do both for your cat and furniture. Your cats will have a nice post on which to practice their scratching and your furniture could thus be spared.

It is obviously not a wise idea to stop your cat from scratching since this act is highly instinctive for your kitties. The trick is to divert them from your furniture with a better scratching option. This is where the scratching post comes in.

Install the scratching post in a place that your cat frequents the most. Look for rough and tough materials that can withstand scratching and also provide a satisfying medium into which your kitties can dig their claws. Sisal is a great choice for this purpose.

Make sure that the scratch post has a good height. Your cat will be able to stretch while scratching to double the fun.

If the scratch post surface looks worn out, then don’t worry. It is best to continue with the post instead of replacing it if your cat visits it frequently for scratching practice. Move to DhohOo to learn more.


As explained above, hunting is a key reason why your cat likes to climb furniture. Doing so gives it a better view and a good vantage point for attacking prey.

To satisfy your cat’s hunting instinct, you should play games that allow the kitty to run, pounce, scratch, and bite. Doing so is very simple. You can get a feathery cat toy that looks like a bird and attach it to the end of a string. When your cat approaches the toy, tug the string sharply to simulate escaping prey. Your cat will happily leap and pounce on it. For this purpose, you can get irresistible toys for your cats that resemble fish and rodents.

Remember, cats are very much like your own kids. You will certainly know that you should give your little ones plenty of space for playing and practicing sports if you want to keep your property safe from their exuberance. Playing games and sports can provide an outlet for your kids to release their pent up energy. Exactly the same principle applies to your kitties.

Even taking out your cat on a walk can prove helpful. Walking is a superb exercise for human beings as well as their furry feline friends. Put your cat on a leash to control it when you go out on a walk.

Buy toys in the shape of birds, rodents, and fish so that your cat can play with them and channel its destructive energies towards these sturdy toys rather than your fragile furniture.

Fragrant Solution

Here is one solution that will be irresistible for you. Cats are highly sensitive to scents and fragrances. Thus, if you want your cats to stay from your furniture, apply scents that will keep them away. Citrus fragrances are particularly effective. A wonderful benefit of this strategy is that you will love the scent of your furniture. The same cannot be said for your poor kitty though.

You can also cover furniture surfaces with double-sided tape to keep your kitty at bay. Cats don’t like sticky surfaces but make sure that the tape is removable. Try out a small area first so that it does not ruin the delicate fabric.

You don’t have to keep this tape on forever. Once your kitty learns to stay away from your furniture and use the scratch post, you can take off the tape.

Thus, there are plenty of useful steps that you can take to stop kitty from ruining your furniture.

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