The Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

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We all have at least one cat mom in our lives who makes sure her furbaby is living its best life. If it were up to her, she would dedicate an entire week each month to celebrate her kitty. Their love is unapologetic and truly knows no bounds. All of us know these feline fanatics, and they make our lives so much better. We think they deserve to feel treasured for it!

And is there a better way to make a cat mom feel loved than to give her kitty-inspired presents? We think not! Be it home accessories, kitchenware, or other little trinkets, there is always a way personalize gifts so that they celebrate the love your cat momma has for her kitties.

So, pull out your credit card, and get ready to do some holiday shopping because here are the best gift ideas for the cat lovers among your family and friends. Let’s go!

1. A Cat Pillow Set

You must have noticed how your cat momma only gets 30% of her bed while her kitty stretches out on the rest, right? Well, why not take this bed ownership a step further and gift them a pillowcase set with minimalist cat ear designs.

It shows off their love for those fuzzy little things in a simple yet stylish way. The best part is that this will easily fit into any color scheme or room décor!

2. Cat-shaped Sealer

The holiday season is the time when we all dive into our guilty pleasures and snack on lots of chips and such. If your cat momma friend is a fellow snacker, get her a cat-shaped bag sealer so she can keep all her crunchy goods nice and fresh. Supplement for cat.

They will even be able to use it to re-seal cat food bags after opening them! So, not only will they love you, but even their catto will be grateful (well, as grateful as our sassy kitties can be).

3. Cat Doormat

Cats aren’t known to be the friendliest to strangers. They certainly won’t come up to greet guests as a dog would. However, your cat momma is likely to be a people’s person who loves inviting her family and friends over. And, what better way to showcase her true self than with a doormat that announces her love for cattos to everyone entering the house, right?

A cat doormat will not only make her incredibly happy, but it will also let people know beforehand that a feline friend is roaming the halls of that house. Who knows, it might even help people with cat allergies be prepared and take their medication before entering! Talk about being multi-purpose!

4. Cat Pendant

A chic yet adorable cat pendant would look perfect on your cat-loving friend!

Minimalistic jewelry is all the rage nowadays, and these necklaces align perfectly with fall trends while also showing off your friend’s love for cats. They are sophisticated enough to be worn on fancy holiday dinners while their simplicity also makes them perfect for daily wear. It’s sure to become a part of your friend’s signature look!

5. Measuring Cups with Kitty-tail Handles

Does your cat momma love to bake holiday treats while her kitty sits by the windowsill watching her work? Well, then these measuring cups are exactly what her kitchen is missing!

The kitty-tail measuring cups make an adorable yet practical gift for baking enthusiasts who also love cats. Who knows, it might even encourage them to bake you some delicious eggnog cookies for Christmas!

6. Desco Cat Feeder

This one is a bit of a dual-functioning gift. It will make your friend happy but her cat even happier, which will, in turn, make your friend happier, so it’ll just be happiness all over this holiday season!

The Desco cat feeder is a raised wooden or plastic mini-table with two metal dishes fitted in. It makes feeding time easier for the catto since the higher level allows them to digest food better. On the other hand, it’ll make clean up easier for your friend, so we’re sure they’ll appreciate the cat feeder too!

The metal bowls can be swiftly removed from the table and washed after each mealtime. Also, the table is designed to stop the kitty from splashing and swinging the food around.

P.S. We recommend pairing the feeder with some high-quality protein treats for a truly perfect gift combo!

7. Shutterfly Photo Book

Most cat mommas have their phone’s photo gallery overflowing with pictures of their precious furbabies. Why not give them a photo book to capture all those special moments and memories?

It’s become so easy to print out pictures nowadays. Your friend is surely going to have a blast picking out the most aesthetic photos of their kitty and putting together a beautiful album dedicated to their beloved.

8. Butt Out Hooks

For cat mommas with a cheeky sense of humor, these butt out hooks are the perfect additions to their house décor. Not only are they super functional during the holiday season to hang purses, scarves and coats, but they also get a hilarious conversation going. Talk about a creative gift idea!

9. Cat-ears Headphones

We have all seen our cat-loving friends adorned in those cat-ears headbands, right? They look adorable and make them feel closer to their kitties.

These cat-ears headphones will be even more of a favorite for your cat momma. They are comfortable, cute and lets them listen to their favorite Christmas songs! Talk about the best of all worlds.

The Purrfect Gift

The holiday season is the time when you do most of your gift-giving. We believe all gifts should look and feel good, but also be practically useful. That is why this list has all the items that the cat momma in your life will be able to use regularly and remember you fondly each time she does.

We hope you enjoy your holidays to the max!

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