Eleaf Mini iStick

The Eleaf Mini Istick-The Best Portable Vaporizer

The Eleaf Mini iStick combines affordability with advanced performance. Its smaller and more compact version of the classic iStick is an ideal fit for the smaller hand of either your left or right hand. Its battery life is relatively short but adequate enough for all but the most demanding electronic devices. The longevity of your batteries is also enhanced by the long lasting power LED display.

The Mini iStick comes complete with an electric adapter, a silicone sleeve to keep the battery secure and the necessary adapters for your vehicle’s cigarette lighter. To use the Vapesicle from the comfort of your own home you simply connect it to your cigarette lighter. Once connected, it is ready to go with the included two-hour voltage adaptor that allows the batteries to be recharged directly from your cigarette lighter. The battery allows the user to enjoy vaporizing any amount of e-juice, herbals and flavors including but not limited to, carrot, blueberry, cherry, chocolate and raspberry.

eleaf mini istick

On the front of the Eleaf iStick there are illuminated buttons for power/power-up/battery button and the last working voltage button. The included silicone sleeve and adapter are clear and pre-moisture proof. On the back of the device there are six standard size battery cells with individually soldered in silicone connectors. Pressing the button will start the charging process. Pressing the “up-and-down” arrow buttons switch the modes on the back of the unit between medium and high intensity.

The standard Eleaf iStick batteries have a high powered LED display which shows a user specified percentage of remaining battery charge in minutes. Pressing the down arrow button will stop the charging process, while pressing the up arrow will start it up again. The Eleaf iStick battery is durable and long lasting, and can be easily replaced unlike many competing brands. The iStick battery can support continuous use for one full working hour of continuous smoking enjoyment.

The compact design and powerful wattage output make the Eleaf Mini Is Tick an excellent choice for any vaper who is looking for a durable pocket friendly device, with a long battery life. Many people may be questioning if the Eleaf mini iStick will be an adequate replacement for an electronic cigarette when they discontinue using them. I have smoked for over twenty years and despite the discontinuance of my electronic cigarettes I still enjoy the convenience of my istick. There are several reasons why I prefer the Eleaf instead of electronic cigarettes, and in this review I will go over three of them so that you can decide for yourself.

The first reason why the Eleaf mini iStick is my favorite electronic product is that it allows me to use only a single charger for both the battery and the charger for the computer. With most other models I need to bring a separate charger for each item, but with the iStick you just need one charger. This is a big advantage over some of the competition. It also makes replacing batteries much easier because it only requires a simple turn off and on switch to recharge. In addition to this, the charging time on the Eleaf batteries is about one hour less than other brands and the charging time on the 10w mod is almost double that of any of the competition.

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